Our Approach

No chemicals. None. Never. We grow our veggies as naturally as they should be grown and pride ourselves on this fact.  The soil here in the Pembina Valley in Southern Manitoba is some of the richest, most nutrient-dense soil in the world. So why not take advantage of one of nature’s gifts: the gift of abundant great quality produce grown right here on our small 10 acre farm near the city of Morden.

We grow a variety of vegetables—from tomatoes to micro-greens. And we strive to implement environmentally sensitive growing practices and sustainable agriculture technology based on good science. We use biodegradable mulch, flame-weeding,  a lot of hoe/hand weeding, and cultivation to keep weeds under control.

Our "Roots"

Our names are Dustin and Shannon and we started up Peas Out Farms, a local Southern Manitoba market garden, in early 2017, but started dreaming about it years before. The farm was in Dustin’s family for five generations before Dustin purchased it in 2012. But first we had to come up with a name. This took us a few weeks as we wanted to come up with something unique and catchy. One night, as Dustin and I were sitting on the couch brainstorming, Dustin just blurted out: “What about Peas Out Farms?”

We started at local farmers markets in Morden and Carman and are proud to say our micro-greens are now being sold at a local grocery store in Morden, as well as being used at a few other local delis and restaurants. Learn more in our "Peas'd to Meet You" blog post.

What's Growin' On The Farm

Want to know more about the types of veggies, micro-greens and herbs we grow?