Have a question about something? Hopefully we've answered it below. If not, please contact us at info@peasoutfarms.ca.

How do I place an order?

You can email us at orders@peasoutfarms.ca, call us at 204-384-8779 or come and visit us at some of the farmers markets we attend, which will be listed on Our Produce page later in 2018.

Do you use any chemicals on the produce you grow?

No. We never use any chemicals or pesticides on anything we grow. Everything is completely spray-free and weeded and cultivated by hand.

Do you grow veggies all year round?

We wish we could and in the future, we might, but as of right now, the only produce we are capable of growing year round is our micro-greens. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more or place an order!

Where do you deliver?

Starting in the 2018 season, we will be setting up weekly meeting points in Morden, Carman and Winnipeg. We will also be attending more farmers markets in Winnipeg this year. Currently, our microgreens are being sold at the Morden Co-op and depending on the size and regularity of your orders, we can discuss setting up weekly deliveries.

Are you an organic farm?

To be organic, farms must undergo costly certification by independant certification agencies. Being organic does not mean that sprays and chemicals are not used, rather only certain types are allowed under the guidelines.

As a natural, sustainable, and local farm, we are not considered organic. We do however, use many organic techniques that allow us to give back to the land each season. We do not use any types of sprays. We use biodegradable mulch, flame-weeding, a lot of hoe/hand weeding, and hand-tilled cultivation for our soil and to keep weeds under control.