Peas’d to Meet You

When we’re looking at other farm sites or blogs, we love reading about the owner’s personal stories- what they do, where they came from, how they got to the place they are now. So we thought we would tell you a bit more about ourselves and how we came to start Peas Out Farms!

Dustin’s Story

Dustin grew up in Morden and Winnipeg, Manitoba, visiting his grandparents farm frequently, the farm we now call Peas Out Farms, always dreaming of owning it himself and carrying on the tradition after five generations of farming in his family on the property.

In 2012, Dustin’s hard work and saving paid off, and he was able to purchase the farm from his grandmother, who was very happy to keep it in the family, knowing Dustin had wanted to own the property since he was a young man.

Now the real work on his newly purchased property could begin!

Shannon’s Story

I grew up in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, called Pickering, and moved to Toronto when I was 18. I was always an avid plant-lover and gardener, growing flowers and veggies in our backyards growing up and helping my mom with her rose garden. I always had a love for greenery, filling every window with as many plants as they could hold.

I worked in a flower and plant shop for over two years during university, soaking in all the knowledge I could about plants and flowers from the experts around me, never dreaming that one day I would live on a farm in Southern Manitoba.

So how did we meet?

Like most people, you’re probably wondering how we met then, since we lived over 2,200 kms apart. Unknowingly of course, in April 2015, Dustin and I were on our way to Cuba, a good reason for both of us to celebrate our birthdays (being in April and one day apart), but also so Dustin could celebrate his best friend getting married.

We met one day in the pool on a hot and humid day in Varadero and spent all our free time together for the remainder of our vacation. And the rest, as they say, is history…

The Big Move

Just over one year later, in May 2016, and after several trips back and forth between Toronto and Winnipeg (and Morden!), we packed up a U-haul in Toronto and made the 30 hour trek along the Trans-Canada Highway. And while it was a beautiful drive (especially around Lake Superior) and I’m glad we did it, I wouldn’t want to do it again. The U-haul barely did 100 km/h the whole way, struggling and chugging it’s way up even the smallest hills. Exhausted, but determined, we made it to Morden in two days; 12 hours the first day and 18 the second, the U-haul backfiring just as we pulled into the yard.

What’s In a Name?

Fast forward just under one year later to Spring 2017, and I had settled in. Dustin and I were now ready to start to plan out our dreams of starting a farm. First we had to come up with a name. This took us a few weeks as we wanted to come up with something unique and catchy. One night, as Dustin and I were sitting on the couch brainstorming, Dustin just blurted out: “What about Peas Out Farms?” I liked it right away but thought it was probably taken. So I started googling and I was wrong! We had our name.

I immediately got in touch with a great graphic designer I was working with at the time, Sasha Scott, to start working on our logo. She was really patient with us and after a little bit of back and forth, we came up with our logo and could start building up our brand and identity, and most importantly, our veggies! Let the research and planting begin!

Peas Out!

~ Dustin & Shannon



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